Window Valances, Hung from Rings on Wood Pole

Window Valances with Contrast Banding

Window Valances–Box-Pleated with Contrast Banding, Hung from Rings on a Wood Pole

These neat and precise window valances were one of the most challenging window treatments we ever created. The client had recently had them done by another workroom and hated the style, so she asked if we could remake them into another style she loved–this one.

This involved taking the old valances apart, bit by bit, then re-cutting and resewing them into these box-pleated valances in such a manner that each one exactly repeated the pattern. When we were taking the fabric apart, it had not been serged, so all the edges were raveling and each piece was barely long enough to get the proper finished length for the new treatment.

At one point, we took a photo of some of the fabric pieces to show the client just what a frayed mess we were working with. It took much longer than projected and it took a lot of patience. The fabric was linen, so all the processing set in wrinkles that would iron out, but set in again when it was moved.

When we hung them, they looked like a wrinkled mess and steaming didn’t help. The client had another appointment so we decided to leave them until the next week to see what would happen. When we went back, they were hanging beautifully, not a single wrinkle, each ring perfectly placed and each one with the exact same fullness like we’d tried to do, but weren’t sure we’d succeeded because of the wrinkles.

By that time the client had forgotten that they were even a problem when we left that day. She loved them! She moved to another house later and before we got far into discussing window treatments for the new house, we made sure she understood that there was no way we could ever remake those window valances to fit other windows.

We did reuse the beautiful drapery hardware though!

In the end, it all worked out and we were proud of another job well done!

Window Valances

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