Window Dressings for French Doors–Beautiful Draperies

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Window Dressings for French Doors

Window Dressings for French Doors Aren’t Always Easy

Window dressings for french doors can be cumbersome and hard because often the client doesn’t want to use the same treatment on the door as the other windows, but in this case, full lined and interlined draperies for the doors and windows was an excellent solution.

It’s much better to put window dressings for French doors on the wall rather than mount on the door because of the ease of use. When it’s mounted on the door, it has to travel with the door as it’s moved, it has to be attached at the bottom so it won’t swing out or get caught in the wind, but these window dressings for French doors are pushed out of the way when the doors are opened, then closed at night to assure privacy.

By doing it this way, the doors are as aesthetically beautiful as a window, but as functional as doors. The designer used a wonderful designer fabric that fits the decor of this huge home with a beautiful view of the water.

Interior Design by Melanie Bowe of En Vie Interiors

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