Silk Kingston Valance

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Silk Kingston Valance on Wood Pole

Beautifully Draped Silk Kingston Valance

Silk Kingston Valance, on a wood pole, with a header and tied with rope, then trimming on the bottom edge and along the drape of the extra long cascade–one of our all-time favorite valances–EVER!

This is made from a silk taffeta, beautifully colored, soft and subtle, directly across from the front entrance so when you walk into their home you are immediately drawn to the beauty of this valance.

Years later after we had done this valance, the client couldn’t find our shop because we had moved so she began to google search Diane’s name and she found someone with the same last name–Diane’s son. She contacted him and he gave her Diane’s contact information. Even though this treatment had been up about ten years, it still looked as beautiful as the day we installed it.

This photograph was taken when we revisited her home to do additional work.

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