Sheer Hobbled Roman Shade

Sheer Roman Shade

Banded Sheer Draperies and matching Eleven Foot Hobbled Roman Shade

These doors and windows were across one huge wall, then there was a Hobbled Roman Shade on each side window. The draperies and the shades were at least 11 feet tall so the whole project was quite daunting.

The contrast banding on the hem of the draperies added drama. Seamless sheer only comes 120″ long and it wasn’t long enough to make these panels, so the contrast color wasn’t really a choice. We had to seam it to make the hobbled roman shades as well.

It all turned out beautifully, the installation went perfectly and the client was happy with the look in his vacation home. Beach homes are always a challenge because the view has to be protected while controlling light and glare.

I think we did it!

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