Inside Rosette for Bed Drapery

Inside Rosette for Bed Drapery

Inside View of Bed Drapery Treatment

About 20 years ago we were commissioned to do this bed drapery, the headboard, bedspread, bed skirt, pillows, and shams.

Even today, it’s beautiful.

I built the frame for the drapery and the inside shirring that formed the rosette in the center. I carefully worked it so it wouldn’t droop over the years, attached the side panels draperies and the valances. Then we had the heavy job of installing it fully dressed over the bed. That wasn’t the hardest part of the job, but it was definitely the most taxing. It was worth it though. This bed drapery is still one of my favorites.

The upholstered headboard was a big part of the job as well as the pillow shams and accent pillows.

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