box pleated valances

Box Pleated Valances Can Be Made To Suit Any Fabric and Pattern

Box pleated valances are one of the most versatile window coverings. They can be made in so many different styles, it’s impossible to keep count of all of them. This one has a flat face with two pleats about 6″ from each outside edge, allowing the beautiful pattern of this fabric to shine.

We banded the hem of the valance to match the fabric on a dust skirt and bench in an adjoining bedroom. It’s well executed and beautifully tailored to make a simple statement about the beauty of the carefully chosen designer fabric.

The draperies from the same fabric operate and give the client the privacy they need and the protection from morning sun. This is a master bedroom suite that feels fresh inviting any time of day.

Interior Design by Melanie Bowe at En Vie Interiors

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