Box-pleated Valance over Silk Sheers

Silk Sheers, box-pleated valance

Box-Pleated Valance with Blackout Lined Silk Sheers

This peaceful room is well done in a blackout lined silk sheer, starting with box-pleated valance over draperies. It’s low-key and beautiful in its simplicity, cool colors and tone-on-tone interior design.

It’s not easy to match a sheer with blackout lining, but we achieved it by hand sewing the bottom hems and side hems. The box-pleated valances have a continuity of design and the draperies hang beautifully and evenly down the leading edge and across the floor.

Attention to detail makes our workroom a step above the rest. When you’re working with designer fabrics this expensive and this fine, it’s the only way to make it work.

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