Silk Taffeta Box-pleated Side Panel Draperies

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Box-Pleated Side Panel Draperies

Stripe Silk Taffeta Carefully Placed in Box-Pleated Side Panel Draperies

These box-pleated side panel draperies were made from a beautiful striped silk taffeta that had a very prominent design. We decided to pleat the panels by the colors in the stripe, putting one of the colors inside the folks and the others on the outside so that when the draperies descended to the floor the contrasting color would be revealed.

This photograph doesn’t do it justice. The color transformation is dramatic. The raffia shades give the privacy the client needs, but the draperies add elegance and design to the room’s final look.

The dust skirt had as much attention to detail, hung perfectly to the floor and when everything was in place, the room was stunning.

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