Arched Swags and Cascades

Arched Swags and Cascades

Simply Beautiful Sheer Window Treatment–Arched Swags and Cascades

This foyer window is in the middle of a curved staircase to the second floor. It needed dressing, but we didn’t want anything to take away from the white silk draperies in the dining room and living room below, so we designed this arched swags and cascades window treatment out of a simple white sheer that perfectly fit the bill.

As simple as it is, it’s one of the hardest jobs we ever installed. Our ladder was too wide to balance on the rungs, so we had to build an extension to fit under one leg so it could be balanced over the handrail and onto the stairs. I didn’t go on this installation because of my fear of height. I knew I wouldn’t be able to quietly watch my son, our installer, climb a ladder perched so precariously about 20 feet up. I came up with the solution, but I couldn’t watch!

As it you can see, it turned out great. I tried to design it so he wouldn’t have to lean much, so he could get it up and get down quickly!

I didn’t tell him to break a leg before they left!

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