Today I got an email from Schumacher Fabrics about gray. They included the graphic above. I love it!

I have always loved gray. I love the coolness of it, but the idea that it can be the backdrop for so much drama. For people who choose it for their walls, they can have a totally muted room, or bring in dramatic splashes of reds, pinks, yellows, blues…anything.

With gray as the wall color or wallpaper you can change your accessories with the seasons, bring in the reds for the holidays, spring flowers, summer and fall colors. It’s possible to change without creating a lot of extra expense.

If you choose to use color on the walls, you can tone down the room by using gray for the window coverings, the upholstery, or the bedding, all or in part. I think gray is this season’s hottest “color”.

There are endless possibilities to bring gray into your home. Let’s talk.

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