Reupholstered Love Seat–Gets New Life

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Reupholstered Love Seat–Gets New Life

Reupholstered Into a New Life

Don’t throw it away–reupholster. This love seat has been born again at the hand of our master upholsterer, Destry Hall. He dressed this piece up for the party in some pretty tame designer fabric, but it’s beautifully tailored and ready to sit quietly like a beacon of good taste.

Reupholstered furniture can look like it’s just been crated from the factory. Most of the time it’s even better than new because it’s done in a better grade of fabric and it’s not mass produced. Each piece is worked at the hands of an upholsterer who wants to make sure he brings it back to a new life.

Sometimes we have an old piece that fits us or our space just right and we don’t want to change it, so the obvious answer is to clean it up for the new interior design. Call us and we’ll help you paint your dream

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